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United Airlines Name Change Policy, Types, & Methods

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According to the TSA guidelines, the name on your flight ticket and government-authorized ID should match exactly. To meet this requirement, United Airlines has designed a customer-friendly name change policy to help the passengers. The policy requires that the name on your ticket must be accurate in all respects and let you alter the incorrect name and change a name. The United Airlines name change policy simplifies and streamlines the name modification procedure for travelers who want to rectify their name on flight booking. 

Eligibility Criteria for Changing a Name with United Airlines

The airlines provide different policies, such as United Airlines infant policy and name change policy. As per the name change policy, the name modification option is accessible for international and domestic destinations. Some of the key points to remember are as follows: 

  • United Airlines should manage the flights, and you can request name modifications for United’s segments. 
  • Name alteration isn’t possible after finishing the check-in procedure. 
  • The ticket inventory should start with code 016. 
  • One ticket reissue is possible for altering names with United Airlines flights. 
  • As per the United Airlines name change policy, travelers can alter minor errors, inverted first and last names, add/remove the middle name, or change a nickname to a full name. 
  • The airline lets you change a name only in case of legal considerations like divorce, marriage, or adoption. Also, you must provide valid documents such as a court decree, marriage license, or divorce agreement. 
  • MileagePlus account members can make name modifications in writing or online. Simple name correction is possible without supporting documentation. 
  • Travelers can’t change the ownership of the flight ticket or transfer the ticket to someone else. 

What are the Documents Essential for United Airlines Name Change? 

Passengers might need to submit valid documents to justify the major name alterations. To support the name change request, you generally require the following documents: 

  • A valid government-authorized photo ID like a driver’s license or passport. 
  • To change a name due to divorce or marriage, you need a divorce agreement or marriage agreement. 
  • The airline might request a court order to authenticate the legal name change request. 
  • For the name alteration request for minors or kids, extra documents might be needed, like birth certificates or guardianship papers. 

Types of Name Change Request United Airlines Accept

According to United Airlines name change policy, the following is the name change/correction requests accepted by the airline. 

  • Alter First/Middle/Last Name: If your flight ticket has an incorrect name, you can request to rectify it to match the name on your travel document or government-approved ID.  
  • Nickname to Full Name: In case your flight ticket shows a nickname, you can change it to your legal name. You might need to provide valid documents. 
  • Inverted Names: If the flight ticket shows your last name first, and you need to rectify it to correct the sequence, or if you need to add a middle name, you can make such a request to the airline. 
  • Legal Name Change: If you legally change a name requesting adoption, divorce, or marriage, you can place the request accordingly. You must provide supporting documents like a marriage license or court decree. Subject to the fare difference and name change fee.  

How to Change a Name on the United Airlines Flight Ticket?

You can request a name alteration online from the official website and offline by contacting customer service or at the airport. The following sections will help you with both approaches. 

Approach 1: Name Correction Online 

In order to rectify minor spelling mistakes on your flight ticket, you must follow these instructions. 

Step 1: Move to the United Airlines website and choose the My Trips option. 

Step 2: Input the confirmation code and your last name to access the booking. 

Step 3: Tap the Name Correction button and pick the name you want to rectify.

Step 4: Input the precise name. Note: you can modify only three letters. 

Step 5: Double-check the information you submitted and pay the United Airlines name change charges, if any. 

Step 6: Submit the request and wait for the confirmation. 

Approach 2: Name Change Offline

You can also request a name correction or change over the phone or by visiting the nearest airport. When connected or meeting with the airline’s representative, you must follow below steps: 

  • Explain the situation to the agent and inform them about the name modification you need for your flight booking. 
  • Provide the essential information, such as last name, confirmation code, or ticket number. 
  • Discuss the reason for the name alteration, whether it is a legal name change, a misspelled name, or another reason. 
  • Submit documents like a passport, marriage license, or court decree based on your name change request type. 
  • Pay the fee and fare difference (if any) and wait for the name change confirmation.   

Final Thought 

Reading the above sections must have helped you with United Airlines name change policy and completing the name correction procedure. However, if you still have any problems or queries regarding the policy and name change procedure, you can contact United Airlines customer service at 1-800-UNITED-1. Also, you can call +1-800-865-1848 to talk with travel experts and get your issue fixed instantly.  

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