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How To Change Name Under Singapore Airlines Name Change Policy?

Singapore Airlines is popular for its remarkable and top-notch customer service. Similarly, when it comes to correcting or changing the misspelled or incorrect name, the airline is helpful. This indicates that if the passenger examines the wrong name in their flight ticket, they can modify it under the Singapore Airlines name change policy.  

Moreover, be clear that- the airline does not permit you to amend your entire name as their flight tickets are non-transferable. Hence, you can only initiate particular alterations or corrections to your name. The guidance we have listed here will definitely help you to obtain information about the name change policy, process, fees, etc. So, head to the sections carefully. 

What are the Regulations for Name Change on Singapore Airlines?

Undoubtedly, the Singapore Airlines name change policy permits name correction/updation. However, there are also some regulations in their policy. Thus,  we have mentioned all the terms and conditions that are included in the policy below:

  • The airline does not permit you to change your entire name. 
  • Minor spelling mistakes may be permitted to be corrected on the flight ticket. 
  • Further, when you wish to update your name because of marriage or divorce, you must submit the required documentation whenever required.
  • If you make an alteration within 24 hours of the reservation, you do not need to pay any service fee. However, after that, you need to make the payment for every single name correction. 
  • Transferring your ticket is not permitted as the airline’s flight tickets are non-transferable. 
  • Last but not least, for all modifications, you should submit documents like- a marriage/divorce certificate, photo identification card, driver’s license, or passport. 

Singapore Airlines Name Change: Eligibility Criteria

The airline’s name modification on the tickets is foremost implemented for travelers who have already reserved their flights. Hence, can you change or correct your name on Singapore Airlines? Well, read the below-mentioned points and get the answer to this question.

  • Non-Group Bookings: The name correction policy usually prevails to non-group and individual bookings. Whereas group bookings may have different conditions and eligibility criteria. 
  • The Booking Must be Confirmed: Name alterations can be only requested for authorized and confirmed bookings.
  • Only Certain Fare Types: Name corrections may be accessible for all fare types. A few promotional fares or tickets booked via third parties may have more firm restrictions. 
  • Domestic and International Flight: The name modification policy applies to both domestic and international flights handled only by Singapore Airlines. 

How to Make a Name Change on Singapore Airlines?

In order to make a name change on Singapore Airlines, you can either get assistance from the airline’s representative or visit its official website. If you encounter any trouble while proceeding, you can use the steps below and make name corrections on your flight ticket. 

1- Using Online Method

Head to the following steps to make changes through online medium:

  • Visit the official Singapore web page.
  • Secondly, you need to hit on the My Trips button.
  • Afterward, enter the required information, including last name and booking reference.
  • Go to the Menu bar and hit on the Change option 
  • Further, press on the Name Change button option. 
  • Select the Booking from the list you want to change.
  • Then, make the name change and head to the Continue button.
  • Enter the other information or re-examine it and hit the Submit button.
  • Once done, pay the applicable service fee and quickly receive the details, including the representative name change, in your mail. 

2- Using Offline Medium

Go through the steps listed below for a successful name update on Singapore Airlines;

  • Dial +1 (833) 727-0118. Or, even if you face any issue, dial the travel experts number +1-800-865-1848 (24*7 responsive).
  • Secondly, listen to all the voice prompts attentively.
  • Get connected with the airline agent.
  • Further, explain to the executive your reason to change or correct your name. 
  • They will ask you some questions.
  • Afterwards, please spell your name appropriately.
  • The executive will modify your name and offer you confirmation instantly on your official email or number.

What Is The Singapore Airlines Name Change Fee?

The name change fee varies for every class and is based on the type of ticket and destination. Despite that, what are the changes you opt for, such as time of name correction, etc., that impact the Singapore Airlines name change fee? Hence, here are the ranges of charges for every class mentioned here. 

  • Economy Class- It charges approx. $75
  • Premium Economy Class- The name update costs for premium economy class approx.$100
  • Business Class- It charges approximately- $200
  • First Class- In case you want to make changes to first-class flight tickets, then approx. $500 will be charged. 

How To Reach Helpdesk for Singapore Airlines Name Change?

Hope all the above information will help you to understand the Singapore name change policy. In addition, to make name alterations, you must familiarize yourself with the policy, including fees, procedure, eligibility, etc. In case you are still doubtful, either head to the airline’s official website or contact the helpdesk for Singapore Airlines name change at  +1 (833) 727-0118. Even if you are unable to reach them, dial +1-800-865-1848 to get precise guidance from the flight experts and resolve your issues. Additionally, you can obtain accurate assistance and support to make Singapore seat upgrade if needed. 

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